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Health and Wellness can be achieved at any age. We use advanced biomarker analysis and proactive diagnostic testing to determine current health in great detail. We have strategies to get you to ideal body weight and stay there. Fitness is an important part of reducing your disease risk, and becoming fit is less time consuming then most realize. Youthful Hormone levels can enhance well being and help in many domains. Science is discovering supplementation and behaviors that literally reverse aging.

Our Goals are to Enlighten and Inspire our patients so they succeed. We study the Science of Longevity and we share our understanding of this fascinating field with our patients.

Our Best Services

Bio-identical Hormone Therapy

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

Hormone replacement is complex and many are confused about benefits and safety. Buckle Up because here is what the Science says.


The Lifestyle Prescription The Key to Longevity Medicine

Nothing will enhance your Longevity and promote Wellness like proper implementation of the Lifestyle prescription. Learn how we will teach you what to do.


Transform Your Body Composition

Plain and Simple. Overweight and Obesity lead to chronic disease. Loss of Muscle mass leads to frailty and loss of well being. These conditions are treatable.



Supplementation can help you hedge the bet against nutritional shortcomings. Certain Supplements can help for everyone and others can address the specific needs analysis of the individual.

About Us

Robert Ledda, M.D. here (Dr. Bob). Founder of Community Health And Wellness. My “Why” is to promote Health and Wellness at any age. I gave up a successful career in Emergency Medicine and the symptom-based approach to disease, to study the science of longevity. And now, there’s just no looking back. Every day, I further affirm the brokenness of disease care. I uncover clear evidence of corruption in the profit driven model of medicine. And I am daily learning the science of longevity at the molecular level, and new strategies to avoid the failures of the insurance based symptom-first model. I typically discover risks of developing, or clear evidence of pre-existing chronic disease, long before symptoms would occur in patients. And then, I figure out a strategy to mitigate the problem. I utilize a blended model, and do use medication when indicated. But the first tool in my tool bag is the lifestyle prescription. When appropriate, I apply hormone optimization and targeted supplementation.
dr bob ledda
I believe that our lives are a gift from God. It is my contention that it is our responsibility to ourselves, our family, and our fellow man, to nurture that gift and avoid a decline in our health. If we don’t approach our God-given lives with attention to preserving our wellness, how can we be there to fight the evil that we all see around us, and protect those we care about? If you are of the mind that it’s all in your genes and there’s just nothing you can do about it, you are absolutely incorrect. You have a tremendous amount of control with regards to the outcome of your health span. If you’re ready to dig in and learn more click here.

Why Choose Us?

  • Longevity Medicine
    Learning proper implementation of the Lifestyle Prescription is the Key!
  • Hormone Optimization
    Hormone levels naturally decline as we age. This can be addressed with Bio-identical replacement, resulting in cells that work like they are younger!
  • Weight Loss
    Overweight and Obesity lead to chronic disease. It is not a cosmetic issue. Performance Health Coaching and Advanced and safe Medical Weight Loss strategies can avert these dangers.
  • Longevity Supplementation
    Supplementation doesn’t just create expensive urine. Supplements enter our Cells and have affects at the molecular level. Certain supplements are no-brainers, and everyone should take them. Other supplements can target specific individual needs that will vary from person to person. We can sort this out for you.

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We would be happy to speak with you individually about your personal health challenges, and try to figure out if we are a good fit. However, I encourage you to proceed through “More About Us” and “How It Works” to gain a better understanding of our Mission. Then, if we still feel like a good fit, please call so we can discuss setting up your evaluation and getting you on track to better “Health and Wellness at Any Age.”

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Sustained Success Stories

Dr. Bob
Dr. Bob before
Dr. Bob after

"The two photos above show what Dr. Bob was able to do in just a few months after learning and applying some of the science behind Longevity Medicine. At the point in his career, he was in his infancy in that understanding, but applying what he had learned in that early timeframe resulted in this transformation, which occurred so rapidly it even startled him. And the best part about this transformation, the combination of hormone optimization, proper supplementation, a new understanding of nutrition, and a more optimized and efficient exercise regimen has allowed him to sustain the changes in body composition and maintain extremely optimized disease risk markers."

Dr. Bob
Aunt Pam
Aunt Pam before
Aunt Pam after

"Aunt Pam was Bob‘s first major victory. Once Dr. Bob opened his own clinic he was desperate to reach his family with the important interventions that he had learned of during his training in Age Management Medicine. Aunt Pam was in bad shape. She didn’t know she had full-blown diabetes. The medical literature suggested that she start immediately on insulin. She also had a severely compromised cholesterol panel, high blood pressure, systemic inflammation based on several lab markers, and obviously was considerably overweight. Dr. Bob taught Pam the same basic tenants that he had learned studying Longevity Medicine. He instituted hormone therapy, appropriate supplementation, and initially some conventional medicine, but held off on starting insulin. Aunt Pam maintains what is close to ideal body weight now, is on almost no conventional medication and has sustained her lifestyle changes, and marked improvements in her health risk markers for many years."

Aunt Pam
Scott before
Scott after

"Scott was one of Bob‘s first patients. Scott had been attending All Alaska Outdoors Lodge activities in the summers. He had seen Bob’s before and after changes, witnessing them, personally. Scott, having been overweight, having had a history of cancer and survived, and wanting to address his health in more detail, elected to schedule an evaluation during a trip to All Alaska Outdoors Lodge. Combining a weeklong vacation with an evaluation and program initiation is an option for anyone. His close proximity to Dr. Bob during the week on remote Fly In fishing trips and during the medical encounter in the office allowed transfer of a lot of intellectual property. Scott was convinced of the efficacy of Dr. Bob’s approach. He started Hormone therapy and supplementation. He applied what he learned diligently and has demonstrated similar sustained success. Now at an ideal body weight with body fat percentage approaching single digits, he has markedly improved health risk markers."

Suzanne Ledda
Suzanne Ledda before

"Suzanne is Dr. Bob’s wife. She also manages all of the diagnostic studies on Alaska clinic evaluation days during the in-house Performance Health Assessment. She has a unique set of challenges. As with any mother, the ravages of childbirth does take its toll (X4). Additionally, she had the challenge of an unfortunate condition of hip dysplasia. She underwent three surgeries, two of them major surgeries, one of which required her to be non-weight bearing for two months. She still has considerable problems with the hip, but despite limitations on exercise created by that challenge, the comprehensive approach to Health and Wellness, using a blended model with hormone optimization, appropriate supplementation, and some limited medical intervention has resulted in Success. Her body weight is down by almost 50 pounds since her high after the last pregnancy. All health risk markers are in excellent condition."

Suzanne Ledda