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Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

Bio identical hormone therapy. Why would we even consider this a thing. Well that is a good question. There’s a lot to cover, and we’re not going to try to cover it all here. My goal is to make you understand why it’s a thing. I’m not going to try to teach you all the scientific information that proves that this is a helpful strategy for your long-term wellness.

The Lifestyle Prescription The Key To Longevity Medicine

Let us not downplay the usefulness of Hormone Replacement, Supplementation and even Medication in its ability to impact your long-term health outcome. But without a doctor being involved at all, you can impact your Health Span and Survive and Thrive in no greater fashion than how you can accomplish this through your own endeavors, by addressing the Lifestyle Prescription.

Transform Your Body Composition

Obesity and Overweight is not a cosmetic issue. Being overweight or obese leads to severe impairment at the molecular level. We know that both of these conditions result in an increase in the inflammatory state, worsening insulin sensitivity, worse lipid panels, accelerated cardiovascular disease and an increase in cancer rates.


I remember in med school (I was impressionable) and a Faculty physician gets up on that stage and made a statement to the effect “people who take supplements have expensive urine”. And to a certain extent what he said is true, urine will be expensive, because the kidneys clear most of the products once we are done using them, out of our system.