How It Works

The Performance Health Assessment

The initial in depth investigation of your current state of Health and Risks.

What’s Included in this Assessment

What’s Included in this Assessment

Advanced Laboratory Biomarker Risk Analysis

  • ,Sugar Metabolism – Fasting blood sugar, insulin level and Hemoglobin A1c to screen for insulin resistance and diabetes.
  • Lipid (Fat) Metabolism – This is not just the “basic” cholesterol panel. This is a fractionated analysis looking carefully at particle size and also screens for two important protein markers that affect risk of blood vessel disease.
  • Inflammatory Markers – We can detect several blood markers that are associated with the inflammatory state. We routinely follow high sensitivity CRP, homocysteine levels, uric acid and ferritin.
  • Urinalysis – Investigates for concerning findings like crystals in the urine that could predispose you to risk of kidney stones.
  • Detailed Hormone Analysis – We evaluate the sex hormones and their pituitary signaling molecules. Complete thyroid studies are included. Evaluations of stress hormones and growth hormone are also examined. Vitamin D levels are closely followed.
  • Chemistry panel – Includes evaluation of kidney function, liver function, electrolytes and iron studies.
  • Complete blood count – evaluates white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets. Careful observation of these values needs to be maintained when embarking on hormone replacement therapy.

In House Diagnostics

dexa scan

This test evaluates your body composition including lean muscle mass and visceral fat, an important driver of insulin resistance and chronic disease. Bone density is investigated, paying special attention to the hips and spine.


This important test is a non-invasive test that allows assessment by ultrasound of the wall of the carotid artery. This is the artery that ultimately provides blood flow to your brain. Scientific studies have analyzed average wall thickness to place you against other people your age, sex and ethnicity, to see if you’re developing atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries at a more rapid or slower pace than the general population


Not all blood vessel disease lies at the macroscopic level. This important test determines whether endothelial function, the health of the single cell lining of the blood vessels, is intact. Aberrations in this domain can affect blood pressure, erectile function and many other important aspects of your health. Microvascular function is actionable and can be improved.


This is a functional assessment of fitness. It determines peak exercise tolerance, typically thought of as the best predictor of life expectancy of any testing strategy available. The test allows assessment of aerobic and anaerobic heart rates for exercise program design. Our strategy will be to increase your VO2 max through multiple interventions.

CNS Vital

Most of us fear dementia worse than death. I suspect that’s because we care more about our loved ones than ourselves, and we recognize the negative impact on their lives, should we trend in that direction. This is a validated test that screens for dementia and establishes a baseline. We often see this test improve when patients follow our program.


After all of the above diagnostics are obtained, your doctor will be reviewing those results, so they can be presented to you in an organized fashion. During this time, you will spend an hour with our Performance Health Coach discussing your dietary and activity habits. Nutritional and exercise recommendations that are reasonable and sustainable will be provided at completion of your evaluation in a separate email by your performance health coach.

Completion of a Full History and Physical

You can generally expect that you will spend about three hours or more directly with your physician. A complete historical review and physical exam will be performed and a thorough discussion of all of the diagnostics obtained will occur. It is at this point that we will share in the decision making of whether you will undergo any specific therapy. We will come up with a plan for ongoing assessment, coaching and discussion of additional advanced diagnostic risk investigation strategies if indicated.

You can expect that you will receive a thorough email from your clinician reiterating everything discussed and discovered in the assessment above. Treatment strategies will be carefully outlined and follow up studies will be ordered as appropriate.

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The very first step in your Health Assessment will be obtaining blood and urine specimens for an analysis of your risk markers. This will need to be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance of your in house diagnostics, history and physical.


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Please be sure and completely answer your detailed Health Questionnaire prior to arrival to our clinic. If Alaska or Las Vegas locations won’t work for you, we will help you find a practice providing these same services.